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Run an instant rate quote to find the carrier with the best rates and quickest transit time. After comparing the rates simply click ship to schedule the pickup.

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Click & Ship

Select the carrier that fits your needs and our system will notify the carrier to pickup your freight for pickup (typically the same day).

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Our innovative tracking network allows you to easily keep an eye on your shipments during their transit to the destination. Multiple updates daily.


Can my shipment be picked up the same day I schedule it?
Yes, shipments are usually picked up when scheduled before 3pm (local time). However, due to the logistics of other shipments scheduled before yours this cannot be guaranteed. more...

Can I guesstimate my shipment weight?
It is recommended to get as accurate as possible with your weights. This is important for accurate freight rates. If your shipment weighs different than what was quoted, you may incur re-weigh fees and an adjusted freight bill. more...